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Mint-chocolate Chex goodie bars

2014 December 11
by Laura

I asked Someone the other day what his favorite Christmas goodie was and he replied, “Oh, rice krispie treats.”

You should have seen my face.

You see, this is going to make me sound like a snob, but I’ve never made rice krispie treats before. They just…they were never really my thing. My mom never made them, I never got them at bake sales in high school. I have no fond memories of rice krispie treats.

Until now, that is. Because yesterday I made the best thing ever.

But it’s not a rice krispie treat. It’s a “Chex goodie bar.” (That’s what I’m calling it, anyway.) Rice Chex is gluten free, rice krispies are not (malted something or other is in it).

photo (2)

I melted 3 tablespoons of butter in a big pot and threw in 1 bag of Jet puffed marshmallows. Then I stirred it all up until it was melty (and frankly, a frightening texture) and then I added about 5 cups of rice Chex cereal.

AND THEN….because, why would I leave it like that….

I pressed it into a parchment-lined pan and sprinkled mint chocolate chips on top. YUP.

Cut it into squares after it cools and individually wrap for the best freshness. Delicious with coffee.

More cookies to come…

Cleaning your microwave

2014 December 11
by Laura

It’s nasty. Despite using your handy-dandy (and totally amazing) microwave cover, your microwave gets filled with crap. Who knows where it’s from, but it is grimy and gross and you’re always too lazy to clean it.

Until now. The easiest, fastest way to clean a microwave ever. (There is a reason there is no BEFORE picture of my microwave, because you all would totally judge the crap out of me.)

photo (1)

Take a microwave safe bowl and add about 1/2 cup of water to it. If you have a lemon, great! Squeeze some juice into the bowl and throw the lemon half in there. If you don’t, a tablespoon of lemon juice will do.

Microwave the bowl of lemon juice water for about 3 minutes, and then wait — do not open the microwave for another 5 minutes. (It helps to set the microwave to cook for 3 minutes while also setting a kitchen timer for 8 minutes).

When you open the microwave, carefully remove the bowl. Take out the plate and clean that separately. Wipe the ceiling, sides, and floor of the microwave with a dry paper towel—the dirt and grime comes right off. And don’t forget the door!

It blows my mind EVERY TIME how easily this cleans the dirt off. There is no elbow grease required! So easy. And so fresh and clean.

Happy cleaning!

25 Days of Christmas photos: Day 10

2014 December 11
by Laura



Even a cold, rainy Rennie walk is joyful with Christmas lights.

Really really good polenta lasagna

2014 December 9
by Laura

This recipe is from Bev — do you read her blog? She’s hilarious and has the cutest babies of all time. Anyway, the other day she posted a recipe for a polenta casserole that blew our minds.

My photography is way worse than hers and there’s no point in reposting a recipe, so just go to her page and get the recipe from there. We were delighted with this one and it was one of those, “Yup, I could eat this til I threw up” kind of dinners.


25 Days of Christmas photos: Day 9

2014 December 9
by Laura

Night shift makes it hard to be original with these.


25 Days of Christmas photos: Day 8

2014 December 8
by Laura



The neighbors’ Clark-Griswoldean display.

25 Days of Christmas photos: Day 7

2014 December 8
by Laura



Rennie, mid-wag. She likes night shift a bit more than I do.

25 Days of Christmas photos: Day 6

2014 December 6
by Laura

Tonight’s bottle is all dressed up!


25 Days of Christmas photos: Day 5

2014 December 5
by Laura

Can you see the flamingo Santa and his flamingo reindeer?


25 Days of Christmas photos: Day 4

2014 December 4
by Laura


Rennie isn’t amused by the ornament we got in her likeness.