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About me and this blog


Wow. Since I started this blog, so much has changed. The number one change? I’m an emergency room nurse and I’m ENGAGED. Also? I can no longer eat gluten. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in February 2011, and it changed my entire life. Not only my diet, but also my attitude toward food and the way I cook and eat. Even if you aren’t following a gluten-free diet, I’m confident you will enjoy these recipes. You can substitute your gluten back in, or try eating my way!

When I started writing in September 2009, I was an editor for a biology nonprofit organization in Washington, DC. I followed my love of editing to the Big Apple in October 2010, where I worked for a year at a publishing company in Manhattan. Amazingly, I was lucky enough to realize my true dream while living in the city. So I did what was really hard to do: I gave up the big city life, and in January 2012 I moved home with my parents, I started taking classes at community college, and began applying to nursing schools.

In August 2012, I began nursing school at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. I finished nursing school in December 2013 and have been an emergency room nurse at a major DC hospital since February 2014.

I am a hopeless romantic; aspiring home cook; and lover of golden retrievers, cheese, and bad (and good) TV. I wanted to do what everyone else wants to do when they start a blog—share thoughts, pictures, and things I like while pretending people are listening to me. Someday, I’ll write a book. In the meantime, this blog is for me and also for you. I love commenters, I love e-mails, and most of all, I just love to be me. I hope you enjoy!


One of my greatest adventures has been looking for my future boyfriend: I’ve met some interesting characters along the way, have learned tons about myself, and love to share those stories with you. I finally found The One — referred to affectionately among these pages as Someone — and he asked me to marry him in December 2014.

Please feel free to comment or contact me to tell me what you like and what you disagree with, what you’re reading and watching, and what you’re up to.

About the food I cook

I use recipes handed down from my mother and friends, from cookbooks, from Cooking Light and other food magazines, from other blogs, from random places on this Internet, and from many other sources. I always attribute the recipe or include where I adapted it from. If you have any questions, let me know.

About my pictures

Unless there is an embedded link in a photograph on this blog, it’s safe to assume I’ve taken it myself. All the text and photos on this site are protected under the Creative Commons license. Please attribute to me or ask if you can reproduce content or photographs.

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  1. I love your blog!! It’s probably my favorite I’ve stumbled upon on this site – perhaps because we have similar interests and your posts are actually interesting to read unlike most people’s. I’m an editor for a major newswire and also 25. I love to cook as well and enjoy your recipe posts!

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