Crazy feta and Cava

The other day we went to Cava in Arlington (there are several locations in the DC area). Although it ended up being a ridiculously expensive feast of sorts, it was also unbelievably delicious, and there were TONS of gluten-free menu items for me. Tons. At least, ehhh, 35% of the menu.

The wine was a bit pricey, but too good not to have two glasses (contributing nicely to the expensiveness), but whatever. I was blue-toothed (ha!) and happy.

The two stars of my Cava experience — other than the excellent service and helpful asterisks noting GF items — were the scallop risotto (oh my GOD) and the Crazy Feta.

It should tip you off that a menu item is delicious if the waiters are all wearing shirts that say “The crazy feta made me do it.” I was eating it with a fork while I awaited some GF cucumber slices and everyone else was smothering warm pita slices with it.

“Crazy feta” is one of the best cheese concoctions I’ve ever put in my mouth. It was described as “whipped feta” with jalapeƱos, but it also had sweet, mellow hints of garlic and a bright finish. After writing about it here, I got a note from an old sorority sister who pointed me to this recipe from How Sweet It Is. Crazy feta! She made it!

And because it was SO delicious, I made it last night. At 7:45 p.m. Because I needed it.

Follow her recipe to a T. I put it on cukes and crackers last night, and today it’s smeared all over a GF bagel for my lunch.

Go to Cava and you won’t be sorry (although your wallet might be). It was a great experience (flaming cheese and everything!) and the GF touches are perfect.

Overall GF Grade for Cava: A!

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