DIY Photo Advent Calendar

I wanted to make a photo advent calendar out of Instagram pictures, but had really no clue how to execute this idea because I am not much with the “crafts.”

But, it turned out pretty adorable if I do say so myself, and my Mom loved the gift!


Here is how this photo advent calendar came together:

Step 1. Choose 25 photographs (Christmasy or not, I went with “Christmasy!”) and have them printed in 3×3 or 4×4 inch prints. (You can use Printstagram, but I used MailPix for a way cheaper option.)

Step 2. Use construction paper (red and green) and cut little borders for the photographs, then glue the photographs to the construction paper squares.

Step 3. On the back of each square, write the numbers 1-25 with a marker.


Step 4. Go to the craft store and pick out Christmasy ribbon and tiny clothespins. I was going to just spray-paint clothespins myself, but they have little tiny holiday ones already made!

Step 5. Find either a big door or a banister and tape the ribbon in either one long strand or in 5 sections for 5 pictures each.

Step 6. Affix each photograph with the clothespin to the ribbon.

Step 7. Put two big red bows at both ends of the bannister.

Step 8. Enjoy counting down each day until Christmas with a unique photograph of your family!




Finished product…


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