Fun new tradition: New Year Getaway!

Someone and I had our first “mini-vacation” this past week. Both of us didn’t feel like planning something extravagant for New Year’s, and we both kind of wanted a quieter (romantic!), cozy weekend away. On the list of places to go were Charleston, Nashville, Lake Placid…and Williamsburg. Williamsburg quickly beat out its competition because it is (a) not that expensive, (b) not that far away, and (c) one of my favorite places to visit.

And now that we’ve done it, I think I’m going to want to keep up the tradition of going somewhere quiet and fun for an exciting yet romantic way to spend the holiday!

Williamsburg holds a special place in my heart: my parents brought us there often when my brother and I were kids, and my first visit was actually pre-birth (my mom was 7 months pregnant with me). No wonder I love it so! American history is one of my nerdiest interests, and I absolutely love Colonial times. I’ve gone back several times over the course of my life, and I had such a blast there with Someone.

Here are some photos from our most recent visit. I think it will be fun for me to go back and dig up some photographs from when I was a kid, so stand by for those.


Have you ever been to Williamsburg? Am I just such a nerd that the idea of the colonial restoration appeals to me? I cannot get enough!


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  1. You are not a nerd at all! I love Williamsburg. We went a few years as kids to the “First Night” that they do in downtown. I love it there. It just feels “warm” to me. I feel like my happy little soul belongs there. Feeling a little less nerdy now? I went there a few years back with my husband and we visited downtown, with the Christmas Shoppe, the candy shoppe, the beautiful William and Mary bookstore. We checked out the Yankee Candle Store- which was fun. I just love it there. We really should go more often, I think it’s been 4 years now (at least!) since I went!

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