Happy New Year

However cliche, I get pretty sentimental and reflective as years come to an end. An LNE search of “resolution”  brings up quite a few posts about resolutions, where the years have taken me, and where I want to go. So in that spirit, I’ll close 2012 with a few musings.

2012: The good and the bad 

This year has been a tough one for our family. And for me personally, it was filled with change. I moved from NYC to the suburbs of PA late last December, and began 2012 with the giant adjustment of city life to quiet family time. I was back to school again, sort of, but feeling very purposeless.


Applying to nursing schools wasn’t tough, but the waiting was—until in February I at least had one acceptance to bank on while waiting on the #1 choice (for three more months!).

I figured out how to relax in Pennsylvania with the parents and the goldens, but then, Preston died. Losing Preston was such visceral, unexpected pain—a shadow that hung over us for much of the first half of the year. There isn’t a day that I still don’t think of him.


In late February, my Mom and I went to Disney World to get our minds off our boy. We accomplished as much, barely. It was actually a very special trip and I had a blast with my twin. (Incidentally: highly recommend Disney World, with or without little ones.)


Then came March, and April… months with little to be excited about other than cat dissections, long commutes, and statistics homework. The waiting on Georgetown continued, painfully, until one very happy day.


And in June? Well, in June we met Riggins.


And because Riggins is so cute, here are some more photos of my (growing up) baby:


I spent the most incredible summer at the shore…


And started my second attempt at a bachelor’s degree this fall.


The friends I have met, the information I have crammed into my brain, and the people I’ve helped treat already have changed my life. And it’s been only one semester! I bet I’ll kill myself for this later, but I confessed to my mom yesterday that I’m eager to get back into it. Crazy, right?

But another devastating blow from 2012 came in the form of Superstorm Sandy.


We lost our house, which now looks like this:

photo 2

But. I closed out the year with love and joy, at White Stallion Ranch and then in Chicago to witness a celebration of love. I have renewed faith in the future, and I hope in 2013 I can keep that faith.


The entirety of my 2013 will be spent in nursing school, learning to be a nurse. I cannot wait. 2012 was filled with change, and 2013 is working toward my finally realized goals. I look forward to what’s in store, I can only imagine at this point what I might find ahead. I have a feeling 2013 will fly by.

And so, I hereby resolve: 

1. To work better at achieving the elusive school-life balance. It’s hard to choose between friends, grades, and sleep sometimes, but I’m going to do better to prioritize those differently at different times, knowing that grades aren’t as important sometimes as relaxing with a glass of wine or a friend. And knowing that an hour of Zumba can be more beneficial than an hour of studying. And an hour of studying should trump an hour of Downton Abbey

2. To relax…about everything. A dear, sassy-gay friend of mine pointed out recently that I can be “high strung and overbearing.” He’s right, and I’m going to try to let go of the little stuff that isn’t important. I’m particular, and I needn’t be so stringent all the time. It’s time to be a bit more easy-going.

3. To remember that I can’t have champagne tastes on my beer budget anymore. Living with less has been hard and I have shopped too much. There, I said it. Time to shop at Target, not Anthropologie. (Tear.)

4. To care less about being “single.”

5. To have more faith. There is a difference between hope and faith. Underlying faith is a belief that good things will happen. Hope is something I’ve relied on for years, a blind, unknowing wishing for the future. Faith is knowing that no matter what happens, it’s going to be OK. I have full confidence that what happens and goes on will be in the best interests of my life, now and in the future.


Cheers to 2013!

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