I’m 29!

I didn’t really realize I was 29 until I saw it printed on a form today and I went, “Oh. That’s not right.” Then I got sad and realized, Oh, yes it is. Even though I have been calling myself 29 out loud for 6 months now, it still seems different somehow to really be 29. There are DEFINITELY more crows’ feet involved already.

I spent one of my best ever birthdays with my favorite people and things at the shore—goldens, family, Someone, sunshine, cake, wine, snow crabs, and OITNB.


getting some help from the goldens to blow out my candles

My people sure do know how to make a girl feel special. Look at all these cards, for cryin’ out loud! Whoever said that snail mail was going out of style surely doesn’t have friends and family like mine.


My mom found some old glamour shots of me as a 3 year old, so she brought those and hung them up for us all to laugh at. The funniest was realizing that I still make this sassy-pants face pretty often.


I got some wonderful gifts for our new apartment — a kitchen table, a pizza maker (more on that later) and hand-pasta crank (homemade GF ravioli!), and a table set for our patio. Add in some string lantern lights and a mini fridge and our little outdoor bar and bistro is nearly complete!

One of my favorite gifts was this caricature of Riggins. My parents went to a gala a few weeks ago where an artist drew this from a photograph on my mom’s cell phone that I took of him last year. The resemblance is uncanny, right?


He really captured Goofy-goo’s personality in that picture. And the original photograph, for anyone who wants to be amazed:


So here I am at 29, more blessed and grateful than ever, and exactly where I want to be. Cheers!


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  1. Do you not have a subscription service on your blog or is it somewhere and I’m just stupid?

    Also … I totally keep forgetting I’m 29 for some reason. I keep saying 28, then realizing I’ll actually be 30 in November.

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