January = universal detox

I’m not the only one of my friends with (temporary) resolutions to cut down on spending, drinking, eating out, and other indulgences. I think it has to do with January in general (the time is now! it’s a new year! change your life!) and also the post-holiday bloat that gets everyone feeling even more sluggish than usual in these shorter, colder, winter days.

It’s been one day since I “gave up drinking for a bit.” We’ll see how long this persists.

The next semester is upon me, and I’m facing it with equal parts anxiety and excitement. I started to read the e-mails and Blackboard announcements from professors about the workload, assignments, and “things to put on your calendars NOW!” and felt the familiar surge of stress that I’ve been blissfully missing since December 18th. It struck me this morning on my drive back to the commonwealth that I will probably never have nearly three weeks off ever again—I will certainly never have a three-week period filled with so many relaxing trips, visits with friends, and quality time with family (and goldens).

If this semester is anything like my first, it will fly by in the blink of an eye. They all said this to us, coming in, but none of us really believed it until suddenly it was Christmas and we were dumbfounded at the passage of time.

I have a full, clinical-packed semester ahead, with even less time to watch my old favorite shows (Downtown, Girls, Cougar Town) and the new ones I added over break (Ben and Kate, The Mindy Project, and Nashville). That doesn’t sound like a real problem, now does it?

Here’s to resolutions and wishing me a semester’s worth of luck, because I’m going to need it.

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  1. Yesssss. Love that you’re watching Ben & Kate. I tried so hard not to like the show but I not so secretly do, and am so happy to have someone to talk about it with!

    Ps did you know that Ben won an Oscar for writing the screenplay for The Descendants!?

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