LNE holiday gift guide, part 4

Here are some more gift ideas for the awesome people in your life.

This edition: Crap I like.

1. On The Rise Wine Glasses, Anthropologie, $18 each — you can’t tell from the picture, but these are beautiful in person. They have lovely little dots in the glass. Also, one personalized special wine glass is really fun.

2. Friday Night Lights the Complete Series, Amazon.com, $74.99 — if you haven’t yet, why? And if you don’t own them all, why?

3. Scattergories Categories, Target, $16 — just like the box says, if you love Scattergories, you’ll love this game

4. Scrabble Mugs, The Spoon Sisters, $11.95

5. Kindle Touch, Amazon.com, from $99 — look. I can’t tell you enough to get a Kindle.

6. Pave Earrings, Assorted Colors (I love them all), Anthropologie, $24 — I’m sure there isn’t a girl in the world who wouldn’t like these earrings. They are beautiful. I have the multi color ones, shown, but I would gladly accept them in every color possible.

Hope you’re getting good shopping done, folks!



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