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Hello, friends!

1. Yesterday I saw The Wolf of Wall Street. Verdict? SKIP IT. Way, way, way too long. Did anyone else see it? Agree/disagree? I love Leo as much if not more than the next gal, but I just wasn’t that into it. What was the point? Don’t launder money and do drugs? I’ve already learned that lesson…

2. Someone and I went to a little Valentine celebration on Saturday — music, chocolate, and wine. It was a concert of a group of women opera singers who blew the roof off a little church in Alexandria singing famous love songs and arias. In between each set of songs we got to try a different wine and chocolate pairing. It was pretty adorable and I can’t believe I have a boyfriend so totally awesome that I barely had to convince him to join me. (Just kidding, honey! To protect your manly man-ness I’ll tell everyone you were dragged kicking and screaming.)

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3. I have seasonal affective disorder, BIG TIME. I usually get a little depressed in winter, but the double whammy of “unemployment” (in quotes, since it lasts for only two more weeks) and a snowier-than-usual, colder-than-usual, more-miserable-than-usual winter has made it difficult to get out of bed a few times. Enter light box!

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I got a NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp from Amazon and have been using it for at least 30 minutes every morning. I wake up, pull out the box, and check e-mail and drink coffee and read my book by the light of the (fake) sun. I know not everyone has that kind of time to spare with their new best friend, but I would recommend putting make-up on or doing your hair near the light. Eating breakfast by the light would also do just fine. If I worked at a desk, I would keep it at the office.

It’s only been a few days, and I’ve already noticed a difference in my mood and in my attitude. I wake up more quickly and leave that groggy-and-sad phase about 3 hours earlier than I normally would. And when it is time for me to start night shifts, I know this little box will be a key player in helping me adjust to the circadian-rhythm disaster that is the night shift.

4. This Valentine’s Day is my first with a date in years and years….and not just a date, but a date with Someone. We have plans on Thursday evening that seem to be doomed by the next big fat winter storm that has its eyes on the Eastern Seaboard. We’ve been trying to go to the restaurant at which we have rezzies for months, so it’s only fitting that it get put off even further!

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5. Two more weeks of freedom. $164 later (for three pairs of scrubs) and I’m rethinking this whole “soooo nice to wear PJs to work!” thing.

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  1. I’m glad you said that, because I wanted to see Wolf of Wall Street solely for Leo, but I just couldn’t fathom sitting through three hours. We went to see Frozen instead, and I ended up thinking how lucky I was that I have a boyfriend I don’t have to fight to see something like Frozen :) We are both so lucky! (btw, if you haven’t seen Frozen, go see it immediately.)

  2. I. need. that. light box. I am super duper pale and an accountant who never sees the sunlight during our 55 hour work week winters. I am constantly dragging and feeling like there just can’t possibly be enough coffee in the world. I also happen to know that my vitamin D is SUPER low and I’m already on a special vitamin for that, but I have to imagine the missing sunlight is playing a small role in that.

    I have told several people over my life that I would never use tanning beds (they wouldn’t work, and why chance cancer) but the ONLY time I ever want to is in the winter when it is just so cold and dark. This might help…. :)

    Of course I wouldn’t keep it on my desk at work…. I’d definitely be mocked 😛

    • Well, the light box won’t help with pale skin or vitamin D, because it filters out UV light. But it WILL help with elevating your mood and helping you feel more awake. It doesn’t just work for me while I’m sitting in front of it, either, I feel better all day long!

      I know a lot of people with light boxes at their desks, I would hope no one would tease you about it!

      I think you should try it — it’s only a $70 investment and it pays for itself!

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