My boyfriend came to visit me

And he brought his parents and his sister, too!

I had such a great afternoon. Not only was it a stunningly gorgeous fall day, but I got to spend it with my four favorite things on the planet — the rentals, Grace, and Riggs.

We went over to Rockland’s, first, where I think Grace and Riggins liked the BBQ even more than we humans did.

And then we trekked to Roosevelt Island, where the scenery was lovely and the company was too.

Agh, I just miss those four so much.

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  1. Golden’s look so good with you :) I mean- I am sure they look good with everyone, because they tend to have a really sunny disposition- but they just look right with you!

    Don’t tell my dachshunds I’m complimenting other dogs 😛

    But seriously, Riggins is the most handsome boy EVER.

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