Passing the boards, Florida, and other things

Hello, folks! I am writing to you now as Laura Sullivan, BSN, RN. I took the boards last week and passed, and I am now officially a nurse. I don’t start work for another three weeks yet, but it feels amazing to make it all official and legal. Phew!

Me, post final 12-hour shift of nursing school

Me, post final 12-hour shift of nursing school

In other unrelated news, I am heading to Florida tomorrow with my Mom for a biennial girls’ trip! Our last one was to Disney World in February of 2012…


…and this year we’re heading to Marco Island, Florida. Marco Island is in the Gulf on the west side of Florida and is home to some pretty astounding beaches. We plan to read, relax, eat seafood, drink, and do some jet-skiing with dolphins. I am so excited for this trip I can barely type!

(I am going to try not to talk too much about MI, because if I were a blog reader in the middle of the Polar Vortex and had to listen to someone go on and on about sunny Florida I would probably delete their blog from my reader forever. But I can’t promise not to share a picture or two.)

Also (a blessing for the fellow beachgoers on Marco Island): In three weeks I’ve lost 7 pounds! MyFitnessPal is an incredible tool and I never would have believed something so silly as an app could get me as motivated and committed to eating better and making healthier decisions as it has. I still won’t look too pretty in a bathing suit (I think I might reflect light from the sun back up into space off my pale legs), but it will be far better than it would have been just a short time ago.

Stay warm, everyone. I hope you all can find some light amidst this brutal winter!

(Even if it’s in the form of a lightbox, like mine!)


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