quick NYC jaunt

I hadn’t been to New York City since July!

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I lived there for more than a year. It frequently slips my mind that I did it, and it feels sometimes like someone else’s life. What does that mean?

Regardless of the psychoanalysis there, I got to spend the weekend with friends, and was able to accomplish everything on the must-do list except for one little thing.

I walked through my old neighborhood….


And I got to eat at my favorite restaurant in the city, Heidi’s House.


I also got to visit my tree.


I got to see my bestie’s apartment and spend a fantastic (sober) girl’s brunch with her…


I got to check out the best gluten-free bakery I’ve ever been to…


Lastly, I got to spend time with my three best guy friends in the world.


And there you have it, the last trip on my winter break 2012-2013.

To sum up the travel, for fun: DC to PA to Tucson to PA to Chicago to PA DC to PA to NYC to PA to DC.


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