Small announcement

Someone and I are moving in together in 38 days!


The welcome mat above was my anniversary present from Someone. We found a 1 bedroom/sunroom/balcony apartment about 1 block from where I currently live, and we are beyond excited for the next step in our relationship and our lives.

I can’t wait to live with my best friend! Any advice from you other cohabitators out there about moving in??

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  1. Congrats!! So exciting. I don’t really have any advice, though. I was married once and living together was awful, but that was because neither of us really put in much respect or effort. I was always doing the cooking/cleaning and it wasn’t very balanced. My boyfriend and I are also talking about moving in together, and I think that will be a great experience! I can’t even imagine it going poorly. I don’t think you should worry in the slightest!

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