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Something else that kept me positive (i.e., “L, you CAN’T die, because Christmas is almost here and then you would miss Christmas so you won’t die, you’ll be OK…”) over the past few days was planning more gifts for people I love and poring over the holiday catalogs that all started to arrive en masse.


In college, my sorority’s philanthropy was St. Jude, and since learning about the amazing work that is done at that hospital I have been a loyal annual giver.

At St. Jude, no family will ever be turned away because of inability to pay for treatment. It costs more than $1 million dollars to keep St. Jude running every day, and it needs help. I think it is a fantastic charity and is very worthy of support.

I recommend getting friends and family or coworkers anything from the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Hope Gift Book, 100% of the proceeds of which go to St. Jude. In the gift book are ornaments, cards, mugs and plates, candles, stockings, toys, jewelry, and apparel. Many of the items feature drawings made by patients.






There are tons of possibilities, and again, all the proceeds go straight to children in need.

You can also visit this Web site and donate directly to help such a wonderful place for children and their families keep researching the diseases that have them there.

If you’re still not convinced, watch the video about patients at St. Jude, below.


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  1. I know you said you have no money, but you love St. Jude’s so I thought you might be interested in my blog (I’m running the marathon in December for St. Jude’s and I’m trying to raise $26,200 in conjunction with my training). Feel free to spread the blog address and/or ask some friends for a donation: Thanks!

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