The GF Holy Grail: Perfect Hard Cider

God, I miss beer. You don’t realize how easy and convenient it is to order a beer when you’re thirsty in a bar. Or late night. (Try to dance with a glass of wine instead of a beer bottle. It’s not fun.) Beer is life. Well, it was for me. (Ha, did I really just equate beer with life? I’ve been studying too long.)

The problem with gluten free beers is taste — because they’re made with sorghum, they inevitably taste sweeter than a regular beer — and cost. The beers I like are from Colorado, are organic, and are priced as such. It’s too much.

Additional problem? Availability. You’re not going to walk into a bar and find a gluten-free beer on tap, let alone one in a bottle in the back fridge somewhere.

However, you might find a cider. And that is my new thing.

The calories in cider can be equally as problematic: In one bottle of Angry Orchard cider (product of Sam Adams), there are 210 calories. In some Woodchucks, you get up to 250 calories per bottle. And, it is sweeter than apple juice, if that’s possible. I’ll definitely take what I can get in a restaurant situation, but the ultimate in a hard cider would be at least two of three factors: (1) inexpensive, (2) non-caloric and not sweet, and (3) if the cider has more bang for its buck: i.e., more than 4% alcohol/volume.

The excellent news is that I think I may have found just that!

Meet ACE Cider.

At Wegmans, Ace Hard Cider was $9 for 6. Not bad. But wait — it gets better. ACE has 6.9% alcohol. AND: 130 calories per bottle.

Now we’re talking. This is a fantastic tasting cider — it’s light and dry, almost like a sauvignon-blanc. I am thrilled with it and can’t wait to try to find some of the other varieties, including the pear and grape. If you see ACE, I urge you to try it! You won’t be disappointed.


Disclaimer: ACE has no idea who I am and no idea that I like its cider. Although if anyone does now, I’ll take some for free, please!

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