The LNE holiday gift guide, part 1

It will probably make you sick to know I’m pretty much done Christmas shopping at this point, and the gifts I don’t have yet I’ve got all set in my mind.

But that’s just me. I decorated for Christmas this morning…

…and even bought Gracie and Preston their presents at Pet Smart yesterday.

What can I say? I’m an elf.

Anyway, here are some gifts for “her” that are Laura approved:

1. Framed Photo Collages from Pinhole Press, $39.99

2. Voluspa Japonia Candle, Anthropologie, $18 (aka the best smelling candle in the universe)

3. Twelve Days Dishtowel, Crate and Barrel, $4.50

4. Glitter iPhone Case, J.Crew, $25

5. Weatherby Rain Boot Socks, J.Crew, $22.50

6. Enameled Steel Stock Pot, Le Creuset, $54.95


More gifts to come! Happy Sunday.

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