Thursday Random

1. AIM is canceled or something! And someone compiled this very accurate list of the top 10 things that we’ll miss about the AIM days.

Seriously — instant messaging was the best. It had so much more than gchat. It was so much more significant than all that. In college, when someone’s away message said “dhall” — and maybe if you liked that someone — you had to go to dhall immediately. This was the precursor to modern day Internet stalking.

2. I love this new Keane song.

3. Last weekend I went through all of our family pictures that were in boxes and random old albums and compiled them into brand new, nice, shiny albums. This was quite the project.

However, it led to me finding this gem of a photograph. So it was all totally and completely worth it.

4. Our local beer distributor amazingly has this New Planet gluten free beer from Colorado that I have been dying to try and searching for everywhere. And it is so, so good. Like — tears to a celiac’s eyes good.

And nope — we’re not having a party. That’s just our fridge.

5. Who is your favorite on The Voice? I think Ashley De La Rosa is going to win it all.

5 responses

  1. 1. I have a giant desktop computer tower in my parents’ basement that has all AIM conversations from sophomore year on saved in some type of special AIM recording program. I’m saving them up for a verrrrrry special occasion, like printed and bound for wedding gifts to be shared with all posterity.

    2. Tried New Planet last week in CO. And by that, I mean every flavor. Love it.

  2. No more AIM?! I’m sad. You’re right – it was so much more than gchat! Some of my best conversations were on AIM. And the whole thing about not worrying about potential employers seeing your stuff? Yeah, my AIM screenname was cheeseburger365. Oh boy did I think that was hilarious …

    • I totally agree! Honestly, trying to explain to someone not of our generation how influential AIM was at the time is an act in futility. I think all of my first “boyfriends” came about because of buddy lists and profiles. RIP.

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