Valentine’s Day, winter weekend fun, and my last week of freedom

The first week of January and I didn’t get along very well. I was staring ahead into a period of unemployment (however temporary), the winter was all stupid and wintery (although we had it pretty easy back then and didn’t even know it), and my ¬†holiday trips and plans and schemes were all coming to a close.

“What am I going to DO!?” I implored Someone and my family members.

“You’ll have so much fun doing nothing! You can do whatever you want! It will be the best two months of your life!” They said.

“No, you don’t understand. I can’t be alone doing nothing. I CAN’T. Time will drag. I will go crazy. This will kill me.”

But here I am, less than a week of freedom left, and I’m wondering where all that time went.

Time spent in PA in front of the fireplace with Riggins and the family; in Williamsburg with my love; in NYC to see Pippin and eat delicious gluten-free food; in Marco Island riding jet skis with dolphins; and in DC spending hours at the gym, in the kitchen, and doing a massive puzzle (see below) really added up. I’ve got several things left to accomplish in my 5 remaining days (Costco, haircut, pedicure, more kitchen-stock-up cooking, etc.) but the main thing is to get rested and get pumped for the next chapter of my life.


hardest puzzle ever. 

What else to recap for you? Ah! Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day!

photo (2)

My roommate and I invited our girls over for some chocolate-eating, classic rom-com-watching fun. And although I forgot to break out my Ryan Gosling coloring book….

photo (4)

…we still had a great time!

The main event: my first REAL Valentine’s Day with someone special. MY Someone! A winter storm had dumped 12-inches of snow on us, but that didn’t keep Someone from getting my flowers to me on the day we were celebrating. He trudged through the snow to the metro and then through the snow again, both ways, to pick up my (beautiful, exactly the kind I love) flowers from the non-delivering-in-snow florist.

photo (1)

I’m a lucky girl. After a dinner at the location of our first date (almost 10 months ago, what?!?!) we listened to a Spotify playlist of 90s Love Songs and smiled at each other all night. Pretty great evening, if you ask me.

From snowy DC we headed to the Eastern Shore in Delaware for a reunion weekend with my college loves. We drank beers, ate, talked, laughed, sang and danced, and reminisced. I taught everyone the Sentence Picture game with hilarious results, and we all remembered just how much we love and miss one another. It made me extremely excited to reunite for a few wedding celebrations this summer!

photo (3)

Hope your President’s Day weekend of Love was fulfilling and relaxing. Only 5ish more weeks of winter…

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  1. Ahhh! We hosted a game night this past weekend and actually bought the game that the sentence game is based off of. There’s no real need to actually buy it, except that it promps you with cards where you pick a sentence to draw. It was SO much fun! Also- if you were on the eastern shore of Delaware you were super close to me! We’re just about 30 minutes east of Ocean City, MD- which pretty much runs into the Delaware beaches.

    • So fun!!! I think it might be helpful to have sentence prompts, because some people felt a lot of pressure and some people made their sentences WAY too complicated and/or impossible to draw (ahem, like my Someone).

      • LOL! Yeah I can definitely see that. That was our concern. It was some of my work friends, and we are accountants and someone was worried their little accountant brain couldn’t think creatively enough to come up with sentences.


    • It’s a puzzle table! It detaches from two legs that make it into a stand-alone table, and the tray part comes off if you want to do it on a larger table. It’s great for when you want to do it on your coffee table but then have your coffee table back for the rest of the 6 weeks it takes you to do the puzzle!!

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